The search leads to the viewing of the evolutionary patterns of domains as the results from Protein-Domain Profiling, a procedure that orders proteins and domains in the entire proteome by hierarchical clustering based on domain compositions/linkages. Specifically, seven eukaryotic species, namely S. cerevisiae (yeast), D. discoideum (slime mold), C. elegans (nematode worm), D. melanogaster (fly), D. rerio (fish), G. gallus (chicken) and H. sapiens (human), were amalgamated into a combined protein set, with which profiling were performed using 623 domains based on annotations from the SMART database.
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Jin et al. (2009) Eukaryotic Protein Domains as Functional Units of Cellular Evolution  Sci. Signal.Vol. 2, Issue 98, p. ra76   [PubMed]
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