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Nature Podcast
The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to neuroscience, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and providing in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors.

Nature Podcast
  • Nature Podcast: 14 April 2016
    This week, a computer game helps build a quantum computer, the brain?s built-in backup, and the history and science of hearing voices.

  • REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - April 1953 [originally aired April 2013]
    Everyone knows that Watson and Crick published a seminal paper on the structure of DNA. But fewer know that two other papers on DNA were published in the same issue of Nature. Learn more in the first of a new podcast series: the Nature PastCast. [First published April 2013]

  • Nature Podcast: 7 April 2016
    This week, apps that claim to treat mental health issues, ritual human sacrifice, and supernova debris on Earth.

  • Nature Extra: Futures March 2016
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from March, 'Adjenia? by Natalia Theodoridou.

  • Nature Podcast: 31 March 2016
    This week, Antarctic-sized uncertainty, making gamers more polite, and a pocket gravity meter.

  • Nature Podcast: 24 March 2016
    This week, toggling brain activity with radio waves, how to build stuff that lasts, and making thrillseekers into care-takers.

  • Nature Extra: Backchat March 2016
    Misused statistics, the latest gossip on Google?s Go-playing AI, and watching mathematicians win prizes.

  • Nature Podcast: 17 March 2016
    This week, retrieving lost memories, nailing down China?s emissions, and is Alzheimer?s disease transmissible?

  • Nature Podcast: 10 March 2016
    This week, the frontiers of CRISPR, chewing raw goat for science, and using the eye?s own stem cells to fix it.

  • Nature Extra: Futures February 2016
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from February, ?Duck, duck, duck' by Samantha Murray.

  • Nature Podcast: 3 March 2016
    This week, more fast radio bursts spotted, how do you know where you are when you?re not moving, and listening in on a whale banquet.

  • Nature Extra: Backchat February 2016
    A month of manipulation, as we look at a re-run of a famously manipulative psychology study, learn how to manipulate our own brains and minds, and nudge our societies towards better collective action.

  • Nature Podcast: 25 February 2016
    This week, a special episode about the future. How can we future-proof our world, or fight our natural bias against planning for the future? And what does the science of today mean for the health of tomorrow?

  • Nature Podcast: 18 February 2016
    This week, making shipping greener, AAAS conference highlights and human genes in a Neanderthal.

  • Nature Extra: Gravitational waves
    Einstein's prediction was right: gravitational waves do exist. Scientists at the LIGO collaboration reported their discovery yesterday in Washington, DC. Reporters Adam Levy and Alexandra Witze take stock.

  • Nature Podcast: 11 February 2016
    This week, the end of Moore?s law, religion and cooperation, and shareholders? duty to manage climate risks.

  • Nature Podcast: 4 February 2016
    This week, killing off old cells lengthens life, brain-tickling comedy, and new forests make good carbon sinks.

  • Nature Extra: Futures January 2016
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads ?Beyond 550 astronomical units' by Mike Brotherton.

  • Nature Extra: Backchat January 2016
    The putative Planet X, gravitational wave rumours and how to report them, and The Selfish Gene 40 years on.

  • Nature Podcast: 28 January 2016
    This week, the computer that can play Go, a general ?ageing? factor, and the stolen library of John Dee.

  • Nature Podcast: 21 January 2016
    This week, a brain sensor that melts away after use, a 10,000 year old murder mystery, and what happens when chickens go wild.

  • Nature Podcast: 14 January 2016
    This week, our gut bugs? love of fibre, squeezing quantum states, and studying boredom.

  • Nature Podcast: 7 January 2016
    This week, science predictions for 2016, the effect of extreme weather on crops, and a new phase of hydrogen for the new year.

  • Podcast Extra ? The Psychology of Star Wars
    What can the world of Star Wars tell us about psychology? Travis Langley explains all in this Podcast Extra, using examples from his new book ?Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind?.

  • Nature Podcast: 17 December 2015
    This week, in our final show of 2015 ? we?re wrapping up the highlights of the year, catching up on the climate meeting in Paris, looking forward to psyching out the characters in Star Wars, busting some scientific myths, and playing an evolution-themed board game.

  • Nature Podcast: 10 December 2015
    This week, the dwarf planet Ceres gets a close-up, using fetal tissue in science, and the wasting condition that worsens outcomes for cancer patients.

  • Nature Podcast: 3 December 2015
    This week, the origins of mysterious radio bursts, fixing the PhD system, and tracking down the universe?s missing matter.

  • Nature Extra: Futures November 2015
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Kerri Smith reads you her favourite from November, 'One slow step for man' by S R Algernon.

  • Nature Extra: Backchat November 2015
    Einstein?s theory of general relativity turns 100 years old. Will there ever be another theory like it, or another scientist like Einstein? Plus, we discuss International Years as news pegs.

  • Nature Podcast: 26 November 2015
    This week, super-high-res ultrasound, the amazing world of soils, and five classic books about sustainability.

  • Nature Podcast: 19 November 2015
    This week, a nursery for big baby planets, meddling with taste perception, China?s mega water transfer plan, and the 100th anniversary of general relativity.

  • Nature Podcast: 12 November 2015
    This week, storms on Twitter over sexism in science, porous liquids, and the long relationship between humans and bees.

  • Nature Extra: Futures October 2015
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from October, 'Staff meeting, as seen by the spam filter' by Alex Shvartsman.

  • Nature Podcast: 5 November 2015
    This week, spontaneously jumping droplets, growing an economy without trashing the environment, and dealing with an onslaught of data as all our gadgets become internet-enabled.

  • Nature Podcast: 29 October 2015
    This week, how cancers spread, the hallmarks of bipolar disorder in the brain, and making carbon dioxide useful.

  • Nature Extra: Backchat October 2015
    Astronomer quits over sexual harassment investigation, reporting on the abstract world of mathematics, and science in fashion.

  • Nature Podcast: 22 October 2015
    This week, a dying solar system just like ours, the effect of temperature on the economy, and electricity-eating bacteria.

  • Nature Podcast: 15 October 2015
    This week, ancient human teeth found in China, cooperating in climate negotiations, and a humble worm surprises scientists.

  • Nature Extra: Futures September 2015
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell and Geoff Marsh read you their favourite from September, Time Flies, by Carie Juettner.

  • Nature Podcast: 8 October 2015
    This week, an impenetrable mathematical proof, toggling REM sleep on and off, and the latest results from the Rosetta mission.

  • Nature Podcast: 1 October 2015
    This week, the future of digital currency; a new lead for antibiotics; and 25 years of cataloguing the human genome.

  • Nature Podcast: 24 September 2015
    This week, looking back at malaria interventions, using private data for research, and how to twist a travelling neutron.

  • Nature Extra: Backchat September 2015
    Promising results from the LHC, reproducing psychology studies, and unpicking interdisciplinarity.

  • Nature Podcast: 17 September 2015
    This week, camouflaging nanoparticles to deliver drugs, science meets theatre, and getting a global picture of air pollution.

  • Nature Podcast: 10 September 2015
    This week, thinking differently about autism, plankton poop in the clouds, and hack-proofing our data.

  • Nature Extra - Neurotribes
    Steve Silberman's new book, Neurotribes, gives a detailed history of autism spectrum disorder. In this Podcast Extra, Geoff Marsh hears from Steve about how we, as a society, should embrace those who think differently.

  • Nature Extra: Futures August 2015
    Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from August, The Shoulder of Orion, by Eric Garside

  • Nature Podcast: 3 September 2015
    This week, weather forecasting, rethinking the water cycle, and a special segment to celebrate the podcast?s 400th episode.

  • Podcast Extra: The Invention of Science

  • Nature Podcast: 27 August 2015
    This week, a new look at the scientific revolution, accelerating positrons on a tabletop, and squashing the unsquashable.

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