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SWIRM Domain
Class:Chromatin remodeling

Domain binding and function:
SWIRM is an evolutionarily conserved, eukaryotic domain found in proteins implicated in chromatin remodeling and gene expression.  It is composed of approximately 85 amino acids forming a five-helix-bundle, histone-like fold consisting of two helix-turn-helix motifs positioned around a long, central helix.  The variation in orientation of the helix-turn-helix motifs relative to one another may account for differences in cellular function across SWIRM domains.  The SWIRM domains of human ADA2α and SMARC2 have been shown to bind to both nucleosomal and double-stranded DNA.  The SWIRM domain of ADA2α colocalizes with lysine-acetylated histone H3 in the nucleus and enhances access to nucleosomal linker DNA bound to histone H1, thereby potentiating ACF remodeling activity.
Examples of Proteins: 
SWIRM proteins


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